While I was in Grand Forks to celebrate the new year, I made a Target run and realized that they offered drive-up pick-up for perishable food items. I have to admit, I was jealous that both Fargo and Forks offered this, but the service was not yet available in Bismarck. Then, last night after work, I went to the Kirkwood Mall and noticed that Bismarck's Target DOES offer drive-up pick-up for perishable foods.

So, this morning (January 6), I made a call to the Bismarck Target and confirmed the news. In fact, our local Target store has offered this service for about three months! HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THIS?

Had I known about this, I would have been using the drive-up option for my grocery-related Target runs a while ago. Even before the pandemic, I almost exclusively used stores' drive-up options to grocery shop. I even used the Target app to shop, but purchasing perishable food items was not an option for the stores in North Dakota until recently.

Now, it totally makes sense that the Bismarck Target opened up more parking spots for drive-up purchases. I thought it was just because more people are shopping online these days. I mean, before the pandemic, a Target employee told me that it would be at least a-year-and-a-half before a person could order all of their groceries for drive-up at North Dakota Targets. But the wait is now over.

Which Bismarck-Mandan stores' drive-up order options are your favorite to use?

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