The Minnesota-based company Target is rolling out the red carpet for new employees.  Target is hoping to hire as many as 100,000 new employees for the holiday season.  Some of these jobs could turn from seasonal into permanent positions.  I spoke with a Target employee recently here in Bismarck and they confirmed what Fox Business had recently reported.

100,000 sounds good, but that's actually down from previous years where Target has added 130,000 new seasonal jobs.  The reason for the reduction is that Target wants to pay its current employees more.  Target is providing 5 million more hours for its current employees, which will translate to more than $75 million in additional pay.

The Target team member that I spoke to said, the company has also initiated new bonuses since the pandemic and the starting wage has been moved to $15 dollars an hour.  Target also has a very nice employee discount on purchases.

Target is not the only big retailer that is adding jobs for the holidays.  Walmart is adding 20,000 permanent supply chain workers and a total of 150,000 employees in all for the holidays, according to Fox Business.  UPS is also expecting a robust shipping holiday season and will add 100,000 new workers as well.  Fox Business says specifically, UPS is looking for full and part-time drivers, driver helpers, personal vehicle drivers, people to handle packages.

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