It seems to me that if your community was "blooming" it would be a good thing yes?


Not when your "blooming" with a highly infectious disease that's affecting 3% of the employees at one of your major medical facilities. Pretty sobering news. Sanford Bismarck's president has announced the 60 members of their staff have tested positive for the virus or have been exposed to someone positive.

I'm not the one to start throwing numbers at you, I've got the North Dakota Department of Health to do that.  Spend a couple of hours dissecting them here. Lets just stick with the numbers that are a few of the reasons of concerns for Burleigh and Morton counties.  This from the ND Response web page-

Combined, the two counties accounted for 62 of the 157 new COVID-19 cases reported today by the North Dakota Department of Health. The two counties’ have a 14-day rolling average positive test rate of 4.12%, compared with 2.77% statewide. With 371 cases, the Burleigh-Morton area accounts for more than one-third of North Dakota’s 1,084 active cases.

Well, looks like they got us there. So, the task force should be assembled by week's end and hopefully it will succeed as well as it seems to have for Cass county.  The Bismarck Tribune is reporting the task force will consist of elected officials, heads of hospitals and long term care facilities, public health officials, directors of correctional facilities, and business representatives with large work forces. Many will also be members of the former Fargo task force.  I'm pretty certain we'll see even more testing and an increase in tracking. Vigilance will be needed- masks too I bet.


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