If you're looking for the best steakhouse in the state of North Dakota, look no further than 40 Steak + Seafood, located 1401 E. Interchange Avenue in Bismarck.

In a list entitled 'The Best Steakhouse in Every State (And D.C.),' published earlier this month on MSN.com, 40 Steak + Seafood was named North Dakota's best.

MSN.com points to a few different reasons why 40 Steak + Seafood is the best in the state, including the decor in the restaurant's five separate dining rooms.

But, of course, the real star of the 40 Steak + Seafood show is the steaks. MSN.com mentions USDA Prime steaks offered at the restaurant, including the boneless ribeye and hanger steak.

Let's not forget, though, that 40 Steak + Seafood also offers something many other steakhouses in the state don't: dry aged bone-in ribeyes. Whether you want a steak dry aged 90 days or 260 days, you definitely won't be disappointed.

Oh, and if you're not a steak fan for some strange reason, 40 Steak + Seafood also has a seafood selection that changes daily.

For more on 40 Steak + Seafood, visit their official website HERE.

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