The final Box Office Video location in Bismarck, located at 625 S. Washington St., will officially close its doors later this month.

With the announcement of the closure, Box Office Video is looking to get rid of all of their merchandise, including DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, and even fixtures.

Beginning today, March 1st, all Blu-Rays inside the store, including new releases, are available to purchase for just $7, unless otherwise noted.

The store has been marking down its inventory over the past few months to prepare for the closure of the store.

According to KFYR TV, sales at Box Office Video had increased over the past few years, despite many consumer's switch to digital delivery. They say the reason for the store's closing is the fact that their lease is up.

Box Office Video's other Bismarck location closed back in April of 2015.

Video Action, located at 819 E. Century Ave., remains open.