Sports can be glorious, and cruel at the same time - in a blink of an eye from stardom to a release

That sums up a lot of careers in the professional world of sports. Bismarck's very own Carson Wentz is going through some trying times right now as he received the news yesterday from his old employers - the Washington Commanders. Lasting just one season reported "The Washington Commanders released quarterback Carson Wentz on Monday, in a move that had been long expected. The move saves Washington $26.176 million on the salary cap this offseason. Wentz had two years remaining on his contract but had no guaranteed money"

What now for a journeyman quarterback that owns a Super Bowl ring?

Carson came out red hot out of college ( North Dakota State Bison ), drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round ( 2nd overall ) back in 2016 - Wentz was one of many successful QBs in the NDSU history leading the herd to 2 consecutive NCAA FCS national championships. His second year in the National Football League won him a Super Bowl ring as he led the Eagles to an 11-2 start until he suffered a season-ending injury. From there the slow decline began.

Riding the bench eventually landed him in Indianapolis

Wentz spent a ton of time on the bench in 2020 - after asking to be traded, he was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts, which saw him play there for a year - then Washinton traded for him, and that came to an end yesterday with Carson's release.

Is this how a career ends?

We shall now see if Carson has the motivation to continue - according to  "Wentz can now sign with any team before the start of free agency" Have we seen the end of Carson Wentz? Will any NFL team take a chance and bring him in as a solid backup quarterback? My guess is some team will. Does he have the desire to bring it once more? We shall see.


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