Halloween is coming up and believe it or not, we have haunted buildings right here in Bismarck and the surrounding areas. Depending on how you feel about this kind of stuff, see where you should be making a visit (or avoiding at all costs). 

According to Haunted Houses, the Library Building at the State Capital is spooked. Check out the following accounts:

  • July 1972, James Sperry, a former superintendent of The Historical Society, was working late one night, around 9 PM, in his second floor office, with his dog, Shadow, keeping him company. To take a break, he and his dog went down to the first floor to talk to a society archivist, Frank Vyzraiek, who was also working late. Shadow suddenly started to growl, and ran down the hall, straight down the stairs into the darkened basement. Seconds later, one very scared Shadow bolted up the stairs and down the hall, with his tail between his legs.
  • James Sperry, one night, took the elevator to the basement. He saw a man with a white shirt walk into a storage area, that only had one entrance. He followed the man into the storage area, turned on the light, and no one was there.
  • Working late on New Year's Eve of 1969, Frank Vyzraiek all of a sudden was overwhelmed with the feeling that he should leave the building quickly, which he did without wasting any time.
  • In 1967, an archivist by the name of Liess Vantine was working overtime with fellow co-worker, Craig Gannon. All of the other employees had left for the day. While Liess was working in the subbasement, he heard a voice call his name. "Come here, Liess." Vantine wandered through the stacks, expecting to find Craig. Imagine his surprise when he found Craig 2 floors up in the building. It wasn't Craig who was calling him.

Seems as though the ghost that manifested the building is no longer present or visiting, but according to the staff, it is welcome to return anytime. It supposedly left the building in 1981.


Haunted House also included he Former Governors' Mansion as haunted. Some of the manifestations in the mansion include:

  • The old master bedroom, where Governor Briggs died, is an active area for paranormal activity: The door to the master bedroom, opens and closes all by itself. The curtains move by themselves when the room is empty and there is no breeze in the room. Closets doors in the bedrooms open and close by themselves, these doors are heavy.
  • Footsteps heard on the staircases - the staff and visitors have heard footsteps: on the staircase going into the basement and on the staircase leading from the second floor to the attic.

The mansion is located at 320 E Ave. B and is open the following dates:

  • May 15th - September 16th: 1:00pm - 5:00pm (Wednesdays, Sundays, 2nd Friday and Saturday of each month)
  • October - May - 1:00pm - 5:00pm

The Former Governors' Mansion will have a free open house on Friday, October 31 from 8-12 midnight.


The most famous haunt of all would have to be Custer's House at Fort Lincoln State Park. This is the home to the Haunted Fort. Reported activity includes:

  • Usual tale-tell signs of spirits being present happen here: COLD SPOTS, disembodied voices, movements and images of entities are seen in just a flash.
  • Doors opening and closing at will.
  • Lights turn on and off on their own and,
  • The feeling of being benignly supervised, and being touched as well in a kindly manner.

Other places said to be haunted in North Dakota are:

  • Apple Creek Golf Course and Country Club - Bismarck
  • Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast - Anamoose
  • Georgia's and the Owl - Amidon
  • Old Luger Hotel - Fort Yates
  • Mandan Community Center - Mandan

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