Today - February 17th - is my favorite day of the year, by far. My birthday! Not the day I was born, but my sobriety date - 2-17-09. 12 years today sober! I mention this in hopes of NOT sounding vain, I expect no cards or presents. My gift comes to me every morning I wake up clear-headed and sober. I am not an expert by any means, and I have no special recipe for treating my disease, for there is no cure. I'm writing this blog to share my experience with a magical place here in our city. Bismarck recovery homes are a valuable source for troubled souls. One of which is called Hope Manor. Residents there come to learn that long-term recovery is about gaining tools and practicing them in daily life. Megan - an administrator - is the first person you come into contact with when seeking help - she handles the interview process. There is no time limit on your stay, you are not kicked out after 6 months. You progress at your own comforting pace and ease back into life's challenges.

 Judith Roberts is an angel - founder of Hope Manor and a place that she just opened up at the beginning of the new year - The Hub. I had a chance to visit this wonderful place earlier today, and it's a haven for people of all ages to come and relax, to be around other sober individuals in a peaceful, stress-free environment. I can't say enough of how valuable this is to the newcomer or someone that's been clean for 30 years. Located at 321 South 1st street, open seven days a week. There are meetings here every day, a coffee bar, a huge room with a ping-pong table, and a soothing area next to a fireplace. Support is what is served up best - a SAFE soothing place,

               The odds of recovering from serious alcohol or drug problems are completely stacked against you - Their jobs are to give you HOPE and STRENGTH- both Judith and Megan know how terrifying addiction is. I asked Megan what her favorite part of her job is - "I have a front-row seat to miracles"

To anyone that takes it "One day at a time" your journey is worth it - a trillion times over.



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