At long last, our years of theorizing and bottomless conspiracy board budget has finally paid off. Black Mirror is indeed taking place in one universe, as creator Charlie Brooker acknowledges with a new behind-the-scenes video looking at Season 4.

Keep in mind that the very nature of Season 4 closer “Black Museum” implied at least some convoluted timeline to the various technologies appearing in one society, but Brooker himself has been somewhat coy on the subject. Netflix now releases an in-depth look at production on the latest six episodes, in which Brooker is heard to say:

People used to ask me, ‘Are these all set in one shared universe?’ And I’d say, ‘Absolutely not.’ And now, for the first time I think, one of our stories explicitly starts referring to things that happened in other episodes.

Were that not enough, Brooker also essentially confirmed as much in an Express interview around the fourth season’s release:

It does sort of… It is and it isn’t [one universe]. I think ‘Black Museum’ refers to almost every episode we’ve ever done. We always used to say it’s to a shared universe but then I started to say it’s a psychologically shared universe and now some of the episodes are definitely connected because there’s specific references within that story to things we’ve seen in other episodes. So it sort of is now.

We … worked on this story for a year … and … he just … he blurted it out. In any case, Netflix has yet to reveal whether Black Mirror will return for Season 5, which may yet bring even more clues toward a shared universe. If not, there’s always that “U.S.S. Callister” spinoff everybody’s on about. Stay tuned for the latest in the meantime.

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