Anyone who was worried that the influx of new coaching talent on Season 4 of 'The Voice' might disrupt Adam Levine and Blake Shelton's incessant joshing can officially set their minds at ease.

As Entertainment Weekly made clear in a recent sit-down with the bromantic duo and their producer-slash-host, Carson Daly, we can expect plenty of Adam and Blake's signature back-and-forth in the weeks to come.

Asked what we can expect from the upcoming run, Daly offered a couple of tidbits. "We loved the steal -- we thought the steal really worked," he responded, before going on to talk about the shake-up that has Usher and Shakira joining the coaching stable in place of the departed Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera. But the change isn't permanent; as Daly put it, "Those guys are world-renowned musicians first, and America's favorite TV coaches second," and they'll be back on the show before long.

In the meantime, the new coaching lineup means that, as Levine put it, Shelton "gets to spend a season making Usher feel uncomfortable" -- something Shelton cheerfully copped to, admitting that "I think I'm doing a really good job at that, by the way -- I've said and done about everything I can that crosses the line." But that doesn't mean his affection for Levine has waned: "As much as I think he's cute and I have the bromance with Usher," promised Shelton, "I'll always come home" [to Levine].

And as for Shakira? In Shelton's words, "I honestly think Shakira is maybe the most competitive person on the show ... you can tell she feels like she has something to prove."

From there, talk turned to Levine's upcoming appearance on 'Saturday Night Live,' and which cast members might be best equipped to play Daly and Shelton. Levine suggested Bill Hader for the former and Fred Armisen for the latter, then quickly realized that Shelton didn't know what he was talking about. He started to explain what 'SNL' was, at which point Shelton nodded and said, "Adam Sandler's on that show."

"He was 20 years ago," scoffed Levine. "Give me a break," sighed Shelton. Yep, nothing's coming between these two.