I've been saying forever, that we need a "Dinner & A Movie" theater in Bismarck.  Well, according to an article on KX News, AMC theaters across the country just stepped it up a notch.  AMC theaters have started selling alcohol across the good ol' USA, and it will now include AMC theaters in Minot.  The Minot City Council just approved the theater to start selling alcohol.

The move did not come without some opposition.  Some people of course worry this may change the family atmosphere you find at movie theaters.  However, the manager at AMC theaters in Minot, North Dakota says ushers will monitor theaters, making sure people aren't sharing beers, and only customers with wrist bands are drinking.  I say good luck with that, as ushers can't even keep customers from bringing in their own food.  To me, it makes sense to only serve booze at non kids shows.  Do you really need to be pounding beers at Frozen 3?  Well, on second thought, I wish I could've have had drinks at some of the kids shows I had to go to when my kids was a toddler.  According to the article on KX News the theater will limit the number of drinks to two per person, so it probably won't turn into a frat party.

Of course we won't get to enjoy "Booze and a Movie" here in Bismarck, since AMC theaters never re-opened after the COVID-19 shutdown.  In my humble opinion, we really need another theater complex in Bismarck.  Meanwhile, the old AMC in Gateway Mall sits idol.


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