After the Golden Globes, rumors began to circulate that Taylor Swift was making a play for hunky, Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper now that she's single and he's split with Zoe Saldana. Not so fast, said Cooper himself, who took a machine gun and shot down the rumors that Swift was stalking him. He revealed that he never even met the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer.

So essentially, they are never, ever getting together.

Cooper addressed the rumors on the red carpet at the SAG Awards over the weekend, saying he's never had the pleasure of making T. Swizzle's acquaintance.

"Crazy, never met her, that's not even true at all," Coop confessed. "That's completely made up."

A new couple alert, completely made up by the media? Noooooo! That never, like ever, happens, Coop!

It would've been fun to come up with a conjoined name for those two. It would have been Tayler! Get it?!

PCrushers, who should Taylor Swift date next? Or are you hoping that she someone finds her way back together with Harry Styles for Haylor, Round 2?

Watch the Taylor Swift 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' Video