This was and still is a news item that has the whole city of Bismarck and Mandan talking

For weeks now there have been petitions set up in the hopes of Bismarck and Mandan citizens to sign, for the removal of Dr. Emily Eckroth as a member of the Bismarck School Board. A traffic stop by the Burleigh County Sheriff deputies back on September 3rd resulted in some errors of judgment by Eckroth. She was captured on video swearing and acting quite defiant.

Eckroth released a statement shortly after the incident

After this took place that one night in September, according to Emily released a statement  “I have accepted responsibility for my regrettable actions that occurred on September 3, 2022... I am not different than others who have made mistakes in their past and who strive to learn from those mistakes. I simply ask for understanding and respect of my privacy in this matter as I move forward.” Her punishment was delivered to her by Judge Douglas Bahr - "...nearly a year of unsupervised probation"

Petitions to have her removed have been out for weeks...

...since the middle of January petitions was been set up in many areas around Bismarck, just this past weekend there was another one set up as well. This morning the Bismarck School Board received an e-mail from Eckroth "It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation as an elected school board member of the Bismarck Public School District. I have cherished my time working with the students and staff here, and it has been a privilege to be a part of this system.” added. She was elected to the position back in June of last year.


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