I can hear the wind whipping outside of my office, and now I have no desire to leave the building today. The cold has crept in, and the temperatures are going to keep falling. It's currently 14 degrees but feels like -6 degrees. Sadly, we know that isn't the worst Old Man Winter will do to us. Even if you're from here, it never seems to get easier living in North Dakota during the harsh winter months.

Now, the Farmer's Almanac does say that, overall, winter will be milder than normal. We can even expect the coldest parts of the winter to be done by mid-February. However, it does also appears that we need to expect more snow than usual, and April and May will be cooler than normal. Luckily, summer will be hot and fall will be warmer than usual. Unfortunately,p for now, we must brace for the frigid winter to come.

While the National Weather Service is currently only saying it will be cold, Dakota Storm Stalkers is saying that wind chills could make it feel like -50 to -55 degrees in upcoming days. I went to Facebook, yesterday, to ask your thoughts on the plummeting temperatures.

Most people are already over winter:

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Except for this person:

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Whether we like it or not, winter is not leaving anytime soon. So, bundle up and hunker down for the season.





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