Carson Wentz in a self-authored post on The Player's Tribune says he is ready for the NFL.

Many scouts fear that since Wentz played at NDSU, he may not be ready for NFL competition.

But according to Wentz, "But if you get to know me, you’ll understand that being from North Dakota isn’t a disadvantage," he writes on The Player's Tribune. "Not even close. In fact, having been raised in North Dakota is probably one of my greatest strengths."

Wentz explains that there is a special form of toughness that comes from playing football in the northern part of the US and specifically in Bismarck. He argues football is football no matter where it is being played.

You can read more about what Wentz has to say about his toughness, competitiveness, his drive and his skills over on The Player's Tribune website.

The NFL Draft beings at 7 p.m. this Thursday night and can be seen on NFL Network or ESPN. There will be a draft event at the MDU Resources Community Bowl and ESPN is expected to be on hand for the event.

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