6 Reasons to Kick Those Body-Image Issues Out of Your Life
I used to be that girl who could eat anything, and eat often, and never gain an ounce. I was effortlessly thin to the point where people actually used to ask me straight out if I was anorexic (how insulting that was, we'll save for another day). I bounced back quickly -- and again, effortlessly -- a…
British Teens Create New "Smart" Condoms
While most 13-14 year old teenagers are out worrying about finding a boyfriend/girlfriend or what they plan on wearing to the party this weekend, one group wanted to make safe sex even safer... and succeeded!
New Necklace May Help Prevent Date Rape
Technology is an amazing thing. With it, we'll never need to worry about a repeat of the Great LOLcat Shortage of '94, and we'll always know exactly when our bestie's baby spits up all over daddy.
Advancements in technology have also enabled us to develop things that are actually …

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