The 2020 Census has been released and North Dakota is on the grow. 

That state overall grew from 672,591 to 779,094 people in the Rough Rider State.  Most of that growth comes from the Fargo area, and western counties in the oil patch.

Several counties in North Dakota saw double digit grow in North Dakota, with one county even seeing triple digit growth.  That's according to World Population Review.  As somebody who likes to be able to go to and from someplace in five minutes, I'm not sure I like this trend.  North Dakota's four biggest counties in population are Cass, Burleigh, Grand Forks and Ward.  All four had an increase in population between 2010 and 2020 in the Census.

Despite North Dakota's population increase, 33 of North Dakota's 53 counties saw a population decrease.  This is a trend that is happening across the United States, as 86% of the population now lives in metropolitan areas.  I don't get this, as everybody I know, including myself wants to live in the country.  Just not that far into the country.

These are the 10 North Dakota counties that grew the most over the last 10 years:

10.  Burke County up 9.4%

9.  Morton County up 15.9%

8.  Burleigh County up 17.9%

7.  Billings County up 21.0%

6.  Cass County up 23.2%

5.  Dunn County up 30.5%

4.  Stark County up 34.6%

3.  Mountrail County up 44.75%

2.  Williams County up 85.17%

1.  McKenzie County up 178.9%

These are the 10 North Dakota Counties that shrunk the most over the last 10 years:

10. Renville County down 8.8%

9.  Dickey County down 9.9%

7.  Adams County down 10.8%

6.  Pembina County down 10.6%

5.  Logan County down 11.1%

4.  Grant County down 11.7%

3.  Wells County down 12.0%

2.  Pierce County down 13.1%

1.  McIntosh County down 15.7%



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