This family has experienced a run of horrible luck. Their second child was born a precious and healthy baby, which would be a relief to any parents; especially as this couple just finished paying off their first child's medical bills for time in the NICU. However, their new daughter wasn’t growing and developing like her doctors wanted her to. She would also have episodes where she would hold her breath and pass out, as well as seizures. The parents have taken her to many specialists. Between May of 2013 and August of 2013 she had four seizures without any explanation. Their medical bills are adding up.

Before having children, this couple bought their first home. They did everything by the book and had the home inspected. Their house passed inspection, but should not have. As they have lived and grown in this house they have come to find major foundation issues. They would like to get this fixed for safety reasons, and also because they are in the process of fostering a former student who is a now a ward of the state.

Then, in the morning hours of early November a drunk driver had hit their truck parked in front of their house and then pushed it into their car totaling both. The following week during parent teacher conference (while driving the rental car home) a rock chip hit the windshield. Their insurance is not covering this. While all this was going on their daughter was was diagnosed with double ear infection and pneumonia.

This family deserve to have their Christmas With Us. This mom is one of the hardest working child advocates the local schools has. She pushes her math students, not allowing them to take the easy way or skip steps. She does everything she can to make sure they are learning the skills they need to move forward. Beyond that this nominee cares deeply about her students as people and what they are dealing with outside of school. It would be a huge honor and help if you chose this family to have Christmas With Us.