With North Dakota experiencing windchills at 30 to 50 below you have to dress properly to not get icicles on your face and toes. Check out our winter weather model above Brennan, donning all the gear it takes to stay warm in North Dakota.

1)It all starts with head and ear protection get a beanie, hat, animal hat,flap cap to keep your brain warm.

2) Layers- tanks, T-Shirt's, sweaters, sweatshirt's. The layering pieces instantly provide a barrier betwen you and the elements and give you an extra layer of warmth.

3) Pants- Leggings, wool, thick jeggings, jeans, pants that can take the wind and cold.Snow pants were made for North Dakota - wind proof, water proof, lots of good microfiber to give you extra warmth.

4) Socks and tights- essential toe and leg warmth.

5) Boots- Good quality that have a lining inside to create extra leg and toe warmth. The boots should also have some type of grip design on the bottom to let you tackle snow, ice, slippery walkways and slush.

6) Mittens- The kind that look like your Granny put them on you triple stitched in warmth. Mittens or gloves with an extra layer of fabric will make your hands forget its 50 below.

7) Scarves- Thick, fashionable, Infinity brand, hand knitted all generate a lot of warmth and add flair and personality to any winter outfit. Wrap around the neck and Oila you are a winter princess.

8) Face/Eye wear- If you work outside face protection to cover everything minus your eyes, mouth and nose is essential. Sunglasses will cut through the sunny/ frigid days and provide a wind buffer.

What do you wear on the coldest days of the year in North Dakota?

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