If you're interested in achieving your weight loss goals and sustaining a healthy lifestyle, come to Complete Nutrition at 2306 Clydesdale Drive in Bismarck on Saturday from 10am-2pm and visit Mia from HOT 975 and Matt from 96.5 The Fox!

Complete Nutrition offers people who struggle with their weight hope to drop unwanted fat and be a healthy person. They have just introduced their newest, most technically advanced weight loss kit, called Refirm. It burns your body's fat as fuel and will help keep the weight off.

They've also introduced, new in 2013, their product exclusively for males called Mancore. This is no girly supplement! It will make any man over 30 feel like a man again. It gives men a surge of youth hormones and revitalizes testosterone.

If you come by to Complete Nutrition on Saturday, you'll receive 25% off everything in the store as well as special offers for all preferred members. You'll also get CTS360 and Charger products for 40% off. There will be free product samples and giveaways, Saturday only - make sure to stop in!

Complete Nutrition will work with you to develop a plan to reach your personal goals, no matter what it is...to lose weight, build muscle, or just live a healthier lifestyle.

See you there!