The prospect of a Community movie gets further and further each year, especially as its principal cast moves to newer, high-profile projects. Creator Dan Harmon is still actively pursuing a Greendale reunion, however, and may even recruit Fast and Furious director Justin Lin to do it.

Harmon shared with The Wrap that he’s continually discussed the possibility of a Community movie with Lin, who himself directed the famous paintball episode before striking big in Hollywood with the Furious franchise, or Star Trek Beyond. It’s also worth remembering that Marvel directors the Russo brothers helmed their fair share of Community episodes, though Harmon seemed to place his emphasis on Lin:

I keep having conversations with the kinds of people that could make it happen. The Russo brothers moved from ‘Community’ to becoming industry shapers. So did one of our most popular directors, Justin Lin, who directed the first paintball episode … I hope I’m not talking out of school by saying that. I’ll get together with him every once in a while, or we’ll have dinner, and we’re talking — we keep trying to figure out how to do this.

Those are the kinds of guys, the Russos, plus Justin, plus a humble little me — maybe there is a way to secure the money and the momentum to make something happen. But fingers crossed — don’t want to jinx it.

For those keeping score, Harmon would still have to find a break in the cast schedules of Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown and Jim Rash, to say nothing of the departed Donald Glover or potentially even Chevy Chase. Even then, additional cast members over the years keep pretty busy, including Jonathan Banks, John Oliver, Keith David, Paget Brewster and more.

There’s always hope “Six Seasons and a Movie” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, but is a director like Justin Lin the best way to make it happen?

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