I had to support Lindsay Lohan on TV working and reincarnating a Hollywood icon. Lilo we all know has stolen things, been found repeatedly drunk and high, may or may not show up to court, always rolling in family drama. I am a woman who cheers for the underdog and that includes Lilo.

Lindsay was captivating to watch as Elizabeth Taylor, these women shared a common crazy called being a celebrity.Every moment and love affair publicly lived, ridiculed and picked apart by the media. Lindsay showed the real Elizabeth Taylor a woman hopelessly in love and determined to get her man Richard Burton. Lindsay embraced the emotional volatility and showed she could lose herself in her role.I believed Lilo as Liz Taylor.

Only time will tell which lady's life was more of a rollercoaster. However a love story like Liz and Dick never goes out of style. So check it out on Lifetime  http://www.mylifetime.com/movies/liz-and-dick .

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If you watched Liz and Dick last night what were your thoughts?