It's not very often that North Dakota makes the National News. Ok, we did have very recent coverage with the Isaak trial, but usually we only get mentioned by Al Roker if we are going to be really cold in the winter or blasted with a major blizzard.

This Friday night we are in the spotlight, and not a good spotlight, with Dateline NBC..."The Secrets of Spirit Lake".  The focus is on  MMIW, or Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.  Many , many Indigenous or Native American women go missing quite often.  Dateline will show how jurisdiction between tribal and non-tribal law enforcement entities can complicate cases.

Right now there are 189 active cases of missing persons in Montana.  60  of those are Indigenous, and 20 of those have been missing for more than a year.  Too many loved ones are missing even here in North Dakota.  Dateline has lined up various people to tell their stories, including Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland.

It is a different world we are living in now days.  We hear of more attempts by men and women trying to kidnap girls, children and enter them into the world of human trafficking.   We hear stories of women gone missing, only to be found months, even years later in a place close to home. Their families will  sometimes have a body to bury, but no answers as to what happened.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is becoming an epidemic.  It is sad, but it is reality.  Three years ago that missing New Town woman was found in her truck in Lake Sakakawea.  Her family is still searching for answers.

The one hour special airs at 10pm Eastern on NBC.


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