If you're like us, you've probably been wondering why Demi Lovato hadn't announced any tour dates in support of her newest release 'Demi.' Lovatics now have an answer -- Demi will be getting her tonsils out!

Her minor surgery, in addition to her 'X Factor' schedule will prevent Demi from hitting the road any time soon. She told MTV News (at around the two minute mark), "Actually, this summer I have to get my tonsils out," she continued, "I'm gonna do it without painkillers though because I'm a boss!" We're guessing she's opting for a natural route with her surgery due to her previous addiction issues.

The 'Heart Attack' singer also divulged that she got her wisdom teeth removed without pain killers, not to mention she dealt with her broken foot without any medicinal help. You're a stronger person than us, Demi!

Girl, we hope your surgery goes well and you feel no pain!