Brandon Pulst is a native of Devils Lake and he is a member of the North Dakota National Guard. He has an idea that he is hoping will catch on.

The invention is called 'MuggUp.' This is a handle that will attach to a can or a cup and essentially turn those items into mugs. You can see a demonstration of how the product works below.


Pulst is trying to get this product out there via Kickstarter. Pulst is hoping to raise $8,500 by the end of the month to start producing the product in bulk. So far the project has raised just $156.

According to the Kickstarter page, this is how Pulst explains the background of the product:

 I developed the MuggUp from ideas my cousins came up with during a family gathering where we play cribbage (a card game) and hangout. I have background in 3D modeling and a 3D printer that turned the idea into a working prototype called the Muggit, which evolved to the Original  MuggUp after making tons of little changes.

I have been working on several product designs of my own over the past few years, while MuggUp is the most simple it is also the most unique and the one I like the most.

A similar product seems to already exist but it is unclear if the other product is patented and if the 'MuggUp' infringes upon it. Google Image results seem to show other similar takes on the idea.

Regardless, Pulst's creation seems a lot more slick than the other products that are already out there.

We reached out to Pulst for more information but he did not respond to messages via e-mail or Facebook.

We'll see if this works out for Pulst but for now it seems he has a handle on things. I'll show myself the door.

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