A senior from Devils Lake, ND said she was "just doing the right thing" when she carried an injured opponent across the finish line in a cross-country meet last weekend. 

Melanie Bailey, a senior from Devils Lake High School, was in the final stretch of a 2.4 mile EDC championship race in Glyndon, MN on Saturday (10/11), when around the 2-mile mark, she noticed the runner ahead of her of was limping and in obvious pain. Bailey stopped and offered Fargo South runner Danielle LeNoue help, even though LeNoue kept telling her to "go on". When it became obvious the injury would prevent LeNoue from walking, even with assistance, Bailey hoisted her on her back and carried her for the remainder of the race and across the finish line.

It turns out LeNoue suffered a torn patellar tendon and meniscus, an injury that could take six months or more to recover from. The runner expressed her gratitude for Bailey's kind gesture, "How many people ran past me, but she decided to stop."

When asked if she felt like a hero for helping LeNoue, Bailey brushed off the notion. "I feel like I was just doing the right thing."

A great reminder to us all that good sportsmanship will always trump competition. Well done, Melanie.

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