We all know the phrase "Size matters," but does size really matter? In the case of engagement ring diamonds, that is? The expert jewelers at Shane Co. wanted to know how Americans feel about the subject.

Early in 2021, Shane Co. surveyed 3,462 Americans in all 50 states about engagement ring expectations. Respondents answered questions pertaining to ring size, shape, clarity, price, and other questions. After tallying the survey's results, Shane Co. reports that there was a sort of surprising outcome for the question about diamond size.

So, does the size of the diamond matter? According to the Shane Co. survey results, size is not as important as the experts anticipated. The report states that, at one time, there was societal pressure to get the huge, extravagant rocks. However, these days, things like shape, wearability, and other factors are more important than the diamond size. Learn more about Shane Co.'s findings here.

The Shane Co. survey asked respondents to rate how much diamond size matters on a scale of 1 to 5 (low-to-high). The results determined that the national average was at 2.47 on the importance scale. North Dakota was below the national average with a 2.12 on the importance scale - and we are only behind three other states that care about size even less than we do! Montana scored a 1.90, Wyoming scored a 1.96, and Iowa scored a 1.98 on the importance scale.

While I agree that the size of the ring is not the most important thing, I do like big and sparkly things. But I am honestly more worried about the price than the size. Specifically, because it is unsafe to trust me not to lose an uber-expensive ring!

Do you feel like the size of an engagement ring diamond matters?

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