We all know North Dakota is a unique place to live. While the rest of the country faces concerns stemming from the recession, ND is enjoying a thriving economy. As a result, this great state of ours is gaining more attention than ever before.

ND is full of charming small towns that offer a unique sense of community and character. Case in point, Dickinson was recently named the country's best small town to live in! Liveability.com compiled the Top 10 Best Small Towns 2013 list by searching micropolitan areas across the country and studying them based on population and economic growth and how they scored on the US Department of Agriculture's Natural Amenities Scale. They also surveyed local residents, assessed available amenities, and evaluated cost of living and other economic factors to determine the list.

Dickinson's population grew by nearly 50% last year and planners estimate housing to grow around 48% by the year 2020. The growing number of amenities, schools, and recreational opportunities also catapulted the city to the top of the class.

Check out how the rest of the list rounds out:

1. Dickinson, ND
2. Oxford, MS
3. Rock Springs, WY
4. Oak Harbor, WA
5. Brookings, SD
6. Los Alamos, NM
7. Alexandria, MN
8. Traverse City, MI
9. West Plains, MO
10. Cambridge, MD