The viral "Let's Go Brandon" trend has hit Bismarck in a hilarious way.

You may have noticed a billboard in South Bismarck that reads, "Let's Go Brandon." Now, you may think it is an innocent sign of patriotic encouragement for some dude named Brandon. But, in all reality, the phrase has a controversial meaning.

"Let's Go Brandon" is not a sign of encouragement.

If you did not know, the phrase "Let's Go Brandon" is actually an accidental play on the phrase "F*** Joe Biden." Yeah, it was totally accidental. And, at the same time, totally hilarious. So, how did we get "Let's Go Brandon" out of a diss aimed at the President?

A reporter misheard a Nascar crowd's chants.

Last month, a reporter was interviewing Nascar driver, Brandon Brown. As the interview was taking place, the crowd began to chant, "F*** Joe Biden." Well, the poor interviewer thought they were cheering on the Nascar driver. So, she asked if he heard the crowd cheering, "Let's Go Brandon." Check out the hilarious blooper below:

Will there be controversy?

I have already heard chatter around town about this sign. Some people are mad at the restaurant sitting directly below the sign. NEWS FLASH: they are not the ones paying for the display. Some people seem a bit outraged. I personally find the sign to be hilarious. People are entitled to their feelings about the sign, but it is all in good fun.

How do you feel about the "Let's Go Brandon" sign?

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