Please God, help a brother out, "Who the heck invented this silly "Pay It Forward"?

This short TikTok video you will be watching in a couple of seconds doesn't say what town it was filmed in, but it could have very easily been here in Bismarck. If you are one of the few people on earth who have no clue what this form of torture is, let me break it down for you. Out of nowhere, it seems a stranger paid for your order, so now you are almost expected at gun-point to pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru line. This can go on for a while UNLESS you take a stand!

Literally, in most places, it should be called "Pay It Backwards"

I have had this happen to me just once, I was minding my own business, sitting in my car at City Brew when I rolled up to the window and was told my $2.00 cup of coffee was paid for. I actually said "Wow, this is the first time I am in one of these "Pay It Forward" deals" I puffed out my chest and immediately said, "Let me take care of the car behind me" - Turns out the stranger's order came out to over $10 worth. I gave the barista all I had, which was like $11 and some change. So the line was not broken, big whoop, right? I only stopped by for a semi-cheap cup of coffee.

Are there actual rules to this stupid phenomenon?

Not really, one of the employees at City Brew told me that the longest one she was involved in was almost an hour and a half. So is this like a test of what kind of person you are? If you keep the chain alive so to speak, does that mean you are a caring person? Not necessarily. My own opinion is to be practical about it, like the video below, don't wipe out your savings just to keep it going. I also believe there are better ways to "Pay It Forward" without involving your wallet. Let's say someone stops their car and helps you out with a flat tire, you can turn around and volunteer your time somewhere in Bismarck/Mandan helping someone in need.

Here is a video of a guy who was set up at Starbucks to lose some money

To engage or NOT to engage, that is the question!

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