One of my favorite past times, which I wish I could find more time to do, is reworking my favorite music to create something unique for when I take the time to play out at a club or festival.

Unfortunately... I haven't had much time to do much producing of new tracks. Between doing my thing at the station and spending as much time with my kids... I barely have time to sleep, let alone work on music of my own.

This is one of my favorite tracks from the Basement Jaxx. As you can tell by the title... I started working on this remix almost 2 years ago. I wish I had time to properly finish it.

While this one is closer to being finished... It's not up to what I would expect from myself.

These are just 2 of the dozens of tracks that I've wanted to finish and just haven't had time. I'm hoping that I can find time soon to do it. I find it very therapeutic to sit down and build out something new from something old.