Governor Burgum's announcement late Friday night, that he's suspending all Winter sports activities until December 14th may have come as a surprise to some.  This news came with a statewide mask mandate that starts today, and restrictions on bars & restaurants with capacity and early closing.  It's very interesting he would make this announcement late Friday night after the last high school football game in the state.  I guess he figured we would all be sleeping.

I had caught wind of a tweet mid last week from a high school sportscaster in Grand Forks,  stating there was a meeting that could shutdown winter sports.  Here's what it said.

I immediately placed a call to the North Dakota High School Activities Association in Valley City, to check on the situation. A call was returned to me late in the day to tell me no such meeting was planned. I also sent a message to Kirsten Baesler, who did not answer my message. At that point, I was guessing something was indeed up. I actually warned my son who plays high school hockey and baseball for Bismarck High early Friday evening of what could be happening.

Does Governor Doug Burgum care about the mental health of our children?  He said he's basing his decision on data.  His data doesn't support the postponement of winter sports and activities.  The 12-18 demographic is NOT the primary age group responsible for the spread COVID-19.  Here's data to support this from Mandan Braves hockey coach Leif Mattson.


Mental health of our children is something that is not being talked about enough by the so called experts during this pandemic. Depression, anxiety, and even suicide is way up with teens nationwide. I believe, keeping kids out of in person classes, sports and after school activities has a huge role with this.

High School sports and activities are very safe for kids. If you feel the way I do, flood Governor Burgum's office with phone calls and tell them to "Let them Play." His number is 701 328 2200. By the way, there's a rally at the Capitol today in support of this. I'll have more info on this later today. Again, "Let them Play" for the mental health of our children.

Janelle Butler
Janelle Butler


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