You have to wonder who would do something like this? What kind of person would abandon their dog at a train station?

The dog, a male shar pei was found at a Scottish train station, next to him was a suitcase filled with  belongings including a bowl and pillow.  A local animal welfare charity is looking for the neglectful owner while taking care of the dog.

Authorities say the dogs name is "Kai" and is about two to three years old according to Scottish SPCA Inspector Stewart Taylor.

In Scotland, abandoning an animal is a crime and if located the offender will be banned form owning animals for life.

Kai had a micro-chip and the SPCA was able to get in touch with the original owners. The original owner said they sold the dog. This was also the way they found out the name of the dog.

The SPCA will find a new home for Kai.

What would you do if you found the owner?


(source-ABC News)