Tonight's full moon will turn pink.

Just kidding. The moon will not change color. However, tonight's full moon is considered to be the "pink moon." It is the first full moon of April and it's named after a pink flower known as the 'wild ground phlox.' Unfortunately, the moon will remain it's typical 'moon'-color (perhaps that's a suggestion for a future crayon).

The moon will reach its fullest phase tonight at 1:08 a.m. CST and will be visible several hours into Wednesday morning.

While it is unfortunate that the moon will not look like this:

"Montage,own photos."
Balazs Kovacs

...or like one of those moons in "Star Wars: A New Hope." (You know, the scene where an angsty Luke Skywalker is looking across the dessert and wondering what life would be like off the planet, Tattooine. Then again, Luke always looked angsty, even in the final scene in "The Force Awakens," but you get what scene I'm talking about, especially if you've clicked the hyperlink by now.)

A better depiction is this...

In any case, it's a full moon. Stargazers, unite!

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