We saw Drake dominate in a hilarious performance as host of 'Saturday Night Live'. So when he was set to host the ESPYs on Wednesday night (July 16), we were hoping he would deliver the same kind of antics.

Drake hit the stage with happiness slapped across his face and even did a little dance for the crowd of athletes and celebrities. "I'm in love with all of you until you start losing, then you're dead to me all," he said in his monologue.

Taking shots at some of sports' biggest news stories, he spent a good amount of the speech (and the show) poking fun at Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman cockiness, Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder's ESPN cover, Lebron James' move back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. "You know what $40 million in Miami gets a nice house, $40 million in Cleveland gets you Cleveland," Drake said.

Continuing the Lebron fodder, the rapper also made fun of Indiana Pacer Lance Stephenson's infamous blow into Lebron's ear during a game by returning the favor via the "Lance Cam." The two then went to fellow Pacer Paul George to simultaneously blow into his ears, making for a hilarious yet very awkward moment.

After speculation over what Blake Griffin, Drake and Chris Brown had up their sleeves, viewers didn't have to wait too long as they did a parody video that pinned the Los Angeles Clippers player and the rapper in a feud due to the naming of a film the two were supposed to star in. With all the pranks that took place, Breezy's part in all of this finally became clear when he became Drake's new oral surgeon after the rest of the dental staff left him alone with Blake.

The two also impersonated each other -- Blake as Drake in the studio recording a hokey song while Drake as Blake gives one of the most offensive interviews ever. "I kind of look like a black guy who jumped into a bag of Cheetos and then just flopped up," Drake said.

The clip ends with Blake and "America's sweetheart," Breezy, live at the awards as a clip of a bound and gagged Drake is locked up backstage.

The gags continue when Drake read a long scroll in his best Old English to introduce Floyd Mayweather and Maria Sharapova.

What's the point of Drake hosting if he can't do at least one song? In a story about supposedly going to the Bahamas, he segued into a medley of three tracks showing his new musical direction. First 'Honorable Mention' was performed, a R&B ballad paying homage to the "number twos" and "Dan Marinos in the house." "Now the whole USA watch soccer, too / They get an honorable mention / But even in Brazil / Inspirational dreams don't always come true," he croons on the track.

Watch Drake Perform 'Honorable Mention/Side Pieces'

Then Drizzy moved onto the "song about the real glue that holds sports together," 'Side Pieces.' Singing about all the people who've gotten into affairs with the athletes, things get more serious (and ridiculous) when Drake brings out Brian McKnight to sing the bridge and finish out the track. The musical performance ends with a song inspired by the "biggest side piece, V. Stiviano." Drake went into a "Auto-Tune the news" like approach with '#SterlingNeverLovedUs.'

In more impersonations, Drake does his best Manny Pacquiao impression when he plays the title-winning boxer in the studio, wanting to start a recording career by covering 'Let It Go,' from Disney's 'Frozen.' While some may say that Drake hasn't been doing a great job as an ESPYs host, he definitely did this skit justice, especially with that accent.

The entertainer then professed his love for Tulsa Shock guard Skylar Diggins by doing some spoken word, which he calls 'Can I Dig In?' During his little monologue, she comes out to surprise him and tells him to stop obsessing and promises to kiss him once. After making sure he got some fresh breath, he goes in. But she lays one on his forehead and makes sparks fly.

Watch Drake Profess His Love to Skylar Diggins

Like just about everyone who's hosted an awards show, Drake goes through a number of costume changes. From the basic jersey and jeans to a get-up that looks like something out of a Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff video, he does it all, which shows how much he enjoyed getting into character.

While Drake did tread the corny line one to many times at the 2014 ESPYs, he should be commended for his valiant effort. We just wonder if he'll drop 'Side Pieces' in the near future.

Watch 'Blake vs. Drake'