Recently, I had a friend that was in a bad car accident. The driver of the car that hit her was driving drunk. She made it through the accident with a broken leg, but the outcome could have been worse. You hear of people getting into accidents when drinking and driving, and it’s always sad when a life is lost. Never does it hit harder then when it is someone that you know personally.
Let’s look at the effects of alcohol on the human body: it slows down your reaction time, it gives you a false sense of confidence, it dulls your judgment, and it interferes with your concentration. Now those four things alone should make you think that driving under the influence of alcohol is something that you shouldn’t do. Always have a plan when you go out.
There are PSAs on the radio, commercials, flyers, pamphlets, tons of information about the dangers of drinking and driving, yet it is something that always happens. Everyone has a voice, everyone can speak up when they know someone is drinking and driving. I know that our local taxi company and the bars around town give out taxi vouchers to ensure that you get home safe and don’t drive if you’ve had too much to drink.

The taxis are there to ensure you make it home safe; it’s a smart choice to make. Don’t drink and drive!