It's almost like a comedy skit on TV, but it's too true to be funny. Here we have a Minot Man who had a little too much to drink, then got behind the wheel to drive (drunk mistake #1). Next, fell out of the moving vehicle (drunk mistake #2) then he ran over him-self. (just in case your counting, that would be drunk mistake #3)

Joe Raedle /Getty Images

According to KX-NEWS in MInot, the incident happen Saturday night.  30-year-old Robert Alan Pullar was the not so smart driver who is charged with DUI, driving with a suspended license, and refusal to submit to a chemical test.

According to police reports, Pullar was driving on Hiawatha Street near 15 1/2 Ave SE when he fell out onto the street. The report indicates his vehicle continued forward, striking him. Pullar was able to crawl or limp back in the vehicle and drive away, but the long arm of the law tracked him down later and made the arrest. (This is mostly true, we are somewhat embellishing for comedic content by utilizing words such as "limp" and "crawl")

After treatment at a local hospital, Pullar was taken to the Ward Country Jail where he is not the proud winner of the Double Dummy Award! (Embellishing once again, Mr. Pullar did not win such an award)

(source KX-News, Minot)