It feels like ages since Ed Sheeran last released new music, but Sheerios have been rewarded for their patience with today’s premiere of ‘Sing,’ the first single from Sheeran’s upcoming album ‘x.’

The famous ginger recently used Twitter to tease fans into a frenzy over a possible release date for his sophomore album. He later confirmed, to the unconstrained enthusiasm of Sheeran fans everywhere, that ‘x,’ his thematically-titled follow-up to ‘+,’ is set for a release date of June 23.

If ‘Sing’ is anything to go by, ‘x’ will be even more brilliant than its predecessor. Evoking a sound reminiscent of ‘Justified’-era Justin Timberlake, ‘Sing’ is so catchy we dare you to not be bopping along by the time it’s over.

The acoustic guitars that the singer-songwriter employs in nearly all of his songs are still prevalent in ‘Sing.’ He hasn’t strayed too far from his boy-with-a-guitar tracks. Neither has he deserted his penchant for rapping; Sheeran breaks it down on the second verse.

Sheeran’s smooth falsetto, previously featured on ‘+’ tracks such as ‘Give Me Love’ and ‘Drunk,’ is still impressive, and it’s exciting to hear his range used in a more upbeat song. ‘Sing’ is faster-paced than what’s usually expected from the British crooner, but the new-yet-familiar sound has been fitted to Sheeran’s style and there’s no arguing that it’s working well.

We’re calling it now -- Ed Sheeran’s got another hit on his hands!

Listen to Ed's new single 'Sing' below.