Ed Sheeran came to Minneapolis this weekend for his "Subtract" tour. Here's what you need to know:

The Show

Wondering why he was here? Mr. Sheeran had two shows in the twin cities; one on Friday night (August 11th) and another on Saturday (August 12th).

His first show, on Friday was at the State Theatre with special guest, Ben Kweller. The second night, Sheeran performed at the U.S. Bank Stadium with special guest, Khalid.

Check out this clip of him singing "A Team."

[video width="640" height="368" mp4="https://townsquare.media/site/504/files/2023/08/attachment-366389313_6455579057821187_7782087543354957092_n.mp4"][/video]

Setting Records

You might be surprised to hear this, especially after Taylor Swift's stop there earlier this summer, but Ed Sheeran set an attendance record at the U.S. Bank Stadium. His show brought out a total of (approximately) 72,000 people.

Steve Bakken
Steve Bakken

You may have even noticed, that at one point, Ed Sheeran was wearing a Vikings jersey. He knew how to get the Minnesota/North Dakota crowd going with that one!

Other Appearances

Ed Sheeran also made a lot of kids happy when he made a surprise appearance at the Mall of America's Lego store!

He even posted a video to his Facebook.

He worked for a day as a "Brick specialist." How cute?!

He even pulled out his guitar and played a little music while he was there.

Up Next

So, who will be the next big performer in town? Hinder is up next with a show at the Varsity Theater tomorrow.

There are several other shows coming up in Minnesota, but how about North Dakota?

P!nk will be stopping at the Fargodome this Saturday (August 19th) and Nickelback will be there Oct. 5th.

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