Fun fact: the internet was created so there'd be a repository for cat videos. And never have we needed these videos more than right now.

With the presidential election (finally) upon us, you may be like a good chunk of Americans who feel stressed out and drained. While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are focused on winning, we're focused on forgetting the new language that has bombarded us and pondering what their administrations may look like.

There's been so much to soak in, right? It's overwhelming and we all need a break. It's like the people behind the internet knew this and gave us cat videos. They provide a necessary distraction from the realities of our world and the tension that has been America in 2016.

So, go ahead, give the above video a look. In fact, watch it again. And again. And remember just how good the world can be. Thank you, cats. Thank you, internet.

And if that doesn't do the trick, watch this spot from Pedigree and remember that dogs can bring us together. It's a little hokey, but maybe we need a good dose of hokey right now.

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