Students at Erik Ramstad's Middle School in Minot did a lot of summer reading… more than any other school students in the state.

This is according to Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge which asks students at schools across the country to not only read during the summer but also to log how long they read.

Today (9-27-17) in a press release, Scholastic released a list of the schools that did the most reading in each state.

Erik Ramstad Middle School students logged the most reading time of any other schools with a total of 762,773 minutes.

To put that in perspective, according to Public School Review, Erik Ramstad has 621 students meaning that each student averaged just over 1,228 minutes of reading. That amounts to a little more than 20 hours of summer reading per student.

It should be noted that the summer of 2017 was about 2,247 hours long though. So if students only spent 20 hours reading, the students still spent a lot more time not reading. But that's OK. Summer is about fun and reading isn't fun for everyone.

To see the schools that read the most in all the other states, you can go here.

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