What is The Writer's Guild?

Started in 2019, the guild is a group for both experienced and aspiring writers in Bismarck-Mandan. Members work together to offer advice and feedback to those pursuing their passion.

Currently, there are 204 members. The guild hosts different events throughout the community and in 2020 became a non-profit.


I've always enjoyed writing; I think it's important to encourage literacy and writing in our community. It's not only great in an educational sense, but also in the way of mental health. Writing what you're feeling and being able to clearly articulate yourself is cathartic and helps you get your feelings out in a healthy way.

Hitting The Road

The guild started traveling across our great state to make people aware that the guild exists and inspire others to take up writing. They still have a couple more meet and greets scheduled later this summer.


Archives Coffee House in Grand Forks Sat., June 25th, from 10 am-2pm
Meg-A-Latte in Williston Sat., Aug. 13th, 10 am-2pm\
Why Travel?


I spoke to Justin Cancilliere, the founder of the BisMan Writers Guild, and asked him why he thought it was important to travel to different North Dakota communities.

"I feel it's important to travel North Dakota to let the public as well as the writing community that there is an organization that is working to bring the writing talent to the public eye," said Cancilliere.

He also says it's about inclusion and community.

"Many, if not all, writers feel they are alone and don't have a way to get information. The Guild is working towards building a sense of community in the writers in our state as well as offer workshops to help improve the craft, offer safe space for them to just come and write at our write-ins," said Cancilliere.
Cancilliere tells me the guild is working towards offering an annual writing retreat, and (hopefully in the near future) having a writers conference in Bismarck.
"So many writers tend to not pursue publishing a book or even continuing their writing because they don't have any support from their peers or other support systems. We are here to not just support them but give them guidance, whether that's through our workshops or through conversations on questions they may have," said Cancilliere.
A New Anthology
The guild is putting together another anthology; it is set to release later this year, in October. I'm told they are taking submissions, though you must be a member to join.

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