Beyonce can keep a secret! The 'Rocket' singer just dropped a record with no promo leading up to it as a complete surprise -- and even the people she worked with on the visual side had no clue it was coming.

"Very surprising day!" Francesco Carrozzini, who directed Beyonce's 'Jealousy' video, told MTV News. "I found out because someone told me, 'Oh, s---, you did a Beyoncé video.' I was like, 'Yes... How do you know?' And he was like, 'Well, it's on iTunes.' And I was like, 'Oh, cool.'"

He explained that it was surprising ... but not too surprising. "Well, you know, when you work with Beyoncé, there's always kind of a secretness to everything you do, because, of course, she's such a star," he said. "Sometimes expectation is what really ruins things for people. That's what's proved by the way she released this video — how everyone is talking about it."

Carrozzini explained that not only was the promo unusual for this album, but the creative process was also unique., at least for his video. "It's her storyline," Carrozzini revealed. "It's not the traditional way I would do a video ... where you just come up with an idea and present it to the artist. She had a very precise storyline in her head and it was written and filled with references — and so a big part of the creativity is her."