This is going to make you sad! Back in the good ole days, a buck or dollar or 100 cents would get you a heck of a lot compared to what it gets you today.

Mario Tama/ Getty Images

According to , read and feel sad.

In 1808, a buck would get you 2 lbs of coffee, today that dollar gets you about 2.7 ounces.

In 1897, a buck would get you 10 cans, 10.7 ounces of soup, today you'd get 7.1 ounces of soup.

In 1955, look how you could pig out at McDonald's, you'd get a milk shake, 4 burgers, one soda and one fry! Today, for 100 cents you'd be lucky to get a small fry.

In 1998, you'd get a gallon of gas for a buck, today you'd be lucky to get a small tree air freshener for your car.

Check out the other examples and be sad that your dollar doesn't buy much these days. Feeling rich?