One thing you learn very quickly when you become a father is that almost everything doesn't go exactly as planned. It's how you react when things go off plan that makes the difference.

As most of you know, Bismarck schools are closed this week for teacher service days. Like most parents, we needed to find something to do with our kids so my wife and I could continue to work this week. Well, as plans always do, they changed and I had to adapt quickly.

Our usual babysitter called us late last night to tell us that they were sick and couldn't watch the kids today while my wife and I were at work. With no family out here to turn to... I remembered that I have super awesome coworkers and bosses, so I made a call.

Today, I brought my kids into the office with me! I grabbed my wife's laptop (as well as mine) and packed a lunch for both of them. The photo is them hanging out at one of the empty desks in the office, watching videos on YouTube and Netflix.

I am so blessed to have a job that allows me to do things like this when I need to! Thank you to my bosses for allowing me to bring them in with me.

Just another day of rolling with the punches as a dad.