Students at West Fargo Sheyenne High School pulled a Senior prank involving toilet paper, silly string, a smashed watermelon on the floor and Vaseline on the door handles.  Pretty innocent comparatively speaking to some of the pranks we pulled at school back in the day.

The head track coach and economics teacher Jordan Aus wasn't amused.  He was one of the teachers who was in charge of clean up after the prank.  He went on a tirade with one of the classes involved, calling out students, cussing out students and went on to say, "whoever participated will not graduate."  West Fargo Sheyenne High School has since announced that will not be the case.  No police involvement or criminal charges will be filed by the school.

One student in the class, cussed out by Aus, Nick Davis said Mr. Aus used to be one of his favorite teachers.  Now, after the incident,  Davis feels Mr. Aus should be held accountable for his actions or words.  Davis admitted his participation in the prank and received an hour of detention for his role.

To me this is really no big deal on both sides.  Can you really blame the teacher for being pissed off?  I'm sure the last thing he wanted to do was spend an hour cleaning up after a bunch of kids.  As far as his language in class, I've sure heard a whole lot worse.  I've had teachers smack me in the head, kick me in the butt for not paying attention in the school lunch line, and one even used to hit kids with a broom.  They ended up naming a park after him in Grand Forks.

As far as the teacher being held accountable for his language?  He called them "Dumb A$$es."  Quit being so soft, you're probably hearing a lot worse at home or in the locker room.

An innocent prank and a teacher went a little over the top.  Trust me, you'll be called worse in the real world.  It happens, move on with your life.  Lighten up everybody.  Here's the AUDIO and story from Valley News Live.  Do you agree with me?



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