It seems like there has been a lot of shuffling around of late when it comes to job titles at Bismarck Public Schools. 

Last week, it was announced that two new Assistant Principals were announced at both Bismarck Legacy and Bismarck Century High Schools.  You can read about those again here.

Now, Bismarck High School has also added a new Assistant Principal.

Bismarck Public Schools
Bismarck Public Schools

According to a press release from Bismarck Public Schools, the new Assistant Principal for Bismarck High School is Mark Lardy.

Mr. Lardy is no stranger to Bismarck High School.  As he joined the Bismarck Public Schools in 2002, teaching math, coaching, and serving as activities director for Wachter Middle School.  Mr. Lardy has worked at Bismarck High School for the past ten years, first as a math teacher, and most recently as Dean of Students.  He has also been the co-head coach of the very successful Bismarck High wrestling team since 2017.

Mark Lard began his education career in Oakes, North Dakota, as a math teacher, and head wrestling coach.

Mark Lardy has been a part of the Bismarck High system for a long time.

Regarding his new position, Mr. Lardy had this to say, "I have taught and coached in the Bismarck High feeder system for the past 21 years.  I have served in a number of different roles and am very excited for this next opportunity."

Mr. Lardy will begin his new role with the Bismarck High Demons at the start of the 2023-2024 school year.


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