A picture of a Bismarck waitress holding a sign asking for "spare change" has generated responses from hundreds of Facebook subscribers.

The picture shows a young woman standing in what appears to be a kitchen, holding a handwritten sign: "Spare Change?  Help I'm a server at Famous Dave's on Pow Wow (sic) weekend!  Anything helps!  5c.  25c.  It's more than my tips"

The picture was posted, or reposted, by a group on Facebook called "Lastrealindians," which included the comment: "Famous Dave's in Bismarck's is on the Shi* list." The group's site further encouraged its readers to boycott the restaurant for the remainder of Powwow weekend.

The original posting of the picture and message prompted over six hundred responses from subscribers to the page, offering opinions.

Some defended Famous Dave's, and suggested the waitress's picture was inappropriate.  Others accused the restaurant of anti-Native American racism (the restaurant chain was founded by David Anderson, a Choctaw Indian).

A later posting on the lastrealindians page reported that Mike Wright, owner of the Famous Dave's Bismarck restaurant, had tendered an apology.  The page also says the waitress in the picture has been terminated.

Famous Dave's in Bismarck has not yet been reached for comment.

UPDATE, 9/10 8:08am

Mike Wright, the owner of Famous Dave's in Bismarck has since released a statement on their Facebook page:

Good AfternoonI'm the proud owner of the Bismarck Famous Dave's. We have many wonderful staff and employees that enjoy cooking and serving our Award Winning barbeque!Like many employeers we employee many people. People have opinions. Social media allows an outlet for these opinions.When an employee decides to make an ass of him or herself they can now do it for all to see. Sadly, for reasons unkown to me, often times bitter employees also try to embarass the employers and taint the businesses where they work. Clearly a recent post by a now former employee fits this description.I'm proud that since opening in 2004 we have served thousands and thousands of satisfied and happy guests. We will continue to do this for decades to come.

I've asked my social media person to no longer remove the obviously offensive and ridiculous post. I will allow the court court of public opinion to weigh in on this obviously offensive post.

Thanks for your past and continued support of Famous Dave's

Mike Wright