Education is important, but just as important is where you receive the education. The AIER.Org published a list of the best college towns this past week.

When you think of great college institutions and college cites to reside, does NDSU and NDU come to mind? Come on? Really? Well it SHOULD!

American Institute for Economic Research recently ranked the best college campuses bases on several factors and this survey also used population to rank the campuses. The researched conducted in 2014-2015, reviewed student life, economic health, culture and opportunity.

Overall the results panned out like this-

  1. Cornell University, Ithaca College
  2. Iowa State University , Ames Iowa
  3. Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
  4. University of Iowa,  Iowa City, Iowa
  5. Pennsylvania State University,  State College, PA
  6. North Dakota State University , Fargo, ND
  7. University of Illinois , Champagne, Ill

You can see the rest of the top ten here.

Grand Forks made the top 20, at #17

Jose Medina/ ND.Gov