The saying, "you can never be too cautious" is so cliche, but so true. I watch, read, and listen to a lot of true crime, which, I think, has made me paranoid and overly cautious over time. But anyone could be duped and instantly be in a bad, life-changing situation. But it's not like anyone ever actually expects to be in danger.

I've always thought apartment living was fairly safe because there are always people around. Someone is bound to see or hear something if anything goes wrong in an apartment complex. But, clearly, anyone can sneak by almost undetected if they are on a mission.

Early this morning (July 22), a woman in Fargo got conned into letting someone sneak into her apartment. Valley News Live (Fargo) reports that police are investigating a situation where a man buzzed the victim's apart to tell her that her car's alarm was sounding. According to Valley News Live's story, the woman grabbed her neighbor to check the situation. Meanwhile, the person who alerted of the car alarm snuck into the woman's apartment. The woman's roommate did get stabbed and the suspect is on-the-loose. Get all the details here.

To me, the scariest part about this story is that, while there's a description of the man, no one has a clue where he went. So, we have exactly zero answers as to why this happened. Is this an isolated incident? Was the person watching somebody in the apartment? Will the criminal hit again somewhere else?

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